Monday, November 16, 2009


I was planning to write something on "how to pick an appropriate personal trainer" or "Top five greatest fitness myths," and I don't like to repeat subjects. But, lately there is something far more important to address.


Caitlin and I were at the Emmis Austin Radio's (owners of 101X and KGSR) yearly health fair and were astounded at how many people ran straight past our table, and made a B-line for their "free flu-shot." Also interesting were the conversations:
Radio guy 1: "Dude, aren't you going to get your flu shot?"
Radio guy 2: "No thanks, I don't believe in them, don't take them and I never get sick"
Radio guy 1: "What about the swine flu? Don't you watch the news. If everyone would get flu shots, we'd probably never get sick. How can you disagree with doctors?"

If you know me, and you know my father, you know we are very outspoken when it comes to vaccines. As a result, I am constantly asked to provide "SOLID PROOF" by the nay-sayers as to how vaccines are dangerous, why the CDC and FDA would allow such a dangerous practice, and ultimately who benefits.

I was reading through my Twitter account, and stumbled across this video. in which David Ayoub, M.D gives a pretty thorough breakdown, and cites just about everything he says.

To go to the full site with all of the slides from his presentation go to


  1. Jake,
    Thank you for posting this article. When my children were in school, I was one of the few parents that used the option to not have them vacinated. That entailed going down to the HHS to complete the paperwork and regular disagreements with school officials, but I was adamant that I didn't want them to be vacinated or penalized by the school because they weren't. My children are now 26, 24, 22, and 20. They've never contracted any of the diseases for which they weren't vacinated. When they, as media/school influence children, asked me if I thought they would get sick if they didn't get vacinated, I told them that if everyone around them got vacinated - if the vacinations worked so well - then they wouldn't be exposed to the disease anyway. I don't take flu shots - never have had one and I'm going to be 51 in Jan. Thanks for not being the 'run of the mill' trainer and for believing in the right foods and proper exercise as the primary roads to good health!

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