Thursday, February 12, 2009

Dr. Vince Bellonzi D.C., CCN

My father, Dr. Vincent Bellonzi, D.C., CCN and well respected Strength and Conditioning Coach discusses the primary obstacles to weight loss presented by stress.

What should a top notch Austin Group Fitness or Austin Boot Camp entail?

Dear Friends,

In your quest for fitness and weight loss in Austin, there are many Austin personal trainers and Austin boot camps to choose from, so HOW DO YOU PICK THE RIGHT ONE? In order to protect the anonymity of my former fitness employer, I'll leave they're name out. Although this employer offered several locations and classes, I generally taught a kickboxing and kettlebell class in the 78704. These people are great, don't get me wrong, and many members experienced an impressive weight loss, and saw all kinds of other great fitness results. However, this new trend of CrossFit, saying, "push em till they puke," "have Ms. Jones start doing cleans on her first day," and "let's just let em work, and worry about the risk later," mentalities are dangerous, and are a threat to everything a good, knowledgeable, and well qualified Austin trainer like myself spends his or her life trying to abolish.

I have narrowed the consumer concerns as follows:

1. What Austin fitness professional is running the Boot Camp?
-Are they well established in the Austin Community?
-Is their business insured?
-What is their athletic background?
-Can they provide references?
-What are their fitness credentials?

2. How do they process the new Boot Camp enrollee?
-Do they at least have a PAR-Q (physical activity readiness questionnaire) to protect both the integrity of their company and the safety of their new client?
-Did they perform a postural analysis or any other helpful fitness tests to ensure Boot Camp or group fitness would be an appropriate method of pursuing weight loss?
-Did they answer all of your questions, or did they just take your money and smile?

3. What sort of training methods do they provide in their Austin group fitness class or Boot Camp?
-How do they assess different fitness levels and provide an equally intense workout for all participants from sedentary to athletic?
-Do they have a dynamic program, or are they just making you do a bunch of push-ups and planks and telling you to run for extended periods in between
-Do they assess nutrition (this is 70%-80% of your results)
-Do they incorporate a proper warm-up and cool down into each session?
-Do they do anything to improve flexibility?
-Do you leave each session feeling educated or confused?

Before you consider factors like money and class time, first run your prospective Austin Boot Camp or Group Fitness service through the above checklist.

Good luck,
Jacob Bellonzi
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