Sunday, February 22, 2009

Free workouts for Track and Field enthusiasts in Austin, TX by world renowned Olympic coaches

Today, I had the opportunity to work out with the folks at the Waterloo Track and Field Club at Austin High School. Let me tell you, seeing a 65-year-old woman in tip-top sprinting shape almost brings tears to my eyes (ok, not really, but it's still pretty cool). These people know what they are doing. They have trained numerous Olympic atheletes and been around for quite some time in the athletic scene. Anyone who has ever done any sort of athletic training in any reputable gym in Austin, under the guidance of any reputable strength coach or personal trainer, has picked up a Dynamax medicine ball at some time or another. The two chair people of this club designed them. You can check out their company at

The real reason I am posting this, is for you to have a free Austin workout resource. These people want to educate you for free, and of the fifteen or so of us that were out there today, three of us own prominent Austin personal training companies and Austin boot camps. Today, instead of giving others instruction in current fitness methods, we were there to shut up and listen to the voices of those with several decades of experience in training world-class athletes, and to expand our knowledge of exercise science.

The Waterloo Track and Field Club meets at the following times and locations:
Sundays 4:00 PM at the Austin High School Track
Tuesdays 9:30 AM, at the McNeil High School Track and 6:30 PM at the Austin High School Track
Fridays 9:30 AM at the McNeil High School Track and 5:30 PM at the Austin High School Track

E-Mail the Waterloo Track Club at